Monday, February 4, 2008

Zac Efron is a Fembot

Hey ducklings,

I heard a rumor that Zac Efron is actually a droid. This would explain why his skin looks so shiny and rubbery. It would also explain the dead look he has in his eyes much like our first lady Laura Bush.

I'm starting to wonder how many droids actually live among us...any thoughts ducklings.

Be on the look out for these shiny rubbery looking people but forget about Joan Rivers, I poked her with a pin and she bled so she is actually human.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brit's on the 5150 again

Hey ducklings,

Poor Britney's back in looney bin again. They call it a 5150 or bascially that she is being held for observation to see how crazy she is... I think we all know the answer to that.

You'd think someone with her Hillbilly background would know to drink the Colt 45 in order to curb you from having the 5150. It's like MargoH! says when you feel like you're about to crack just grab a bottle of whatever and go to sleep. It usually does the trick for me and it worked for many years for Joan Crawford and Liz Taylor but they let it spill over to their public life which made them look messy.

Britney is doing the same and don't try and tell me she isn't looking for publicity because she is. I know we live in different times but really it'a all a little planned and tarty if you know what I mean.

I think I'm going to plan a break from reality so hopefully I can at least make it into the Bangor Penny Saver or at least page six. I deserve it!!!!

Kisses, M

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No more Tyra Banks

Hey ducklings,

aaaargh, just what we need, another Tyra Banks show

How about a MargOH! fashionista show. This country is obsessed with overkill of the celebrity. fisrt we have had a Rachel Ray overload and now more Tyra. I can't take it anymore.

I'm going mad.....This idea gets a big duckpoop and somebody get booze quickly..No more Tyra fucking Banks


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

NO Sagging at the SAG Awards

Hey duckling's,

I caught some of the SAG awards and sadly not one gal was Sagging, even Ruby Dee looks fabulous. It is starting to make me wonder how these women are keep it together at any age. I'm sure it's not Oil of Olay or Cod liver pills like my mother used to give me. I'm going to be 60 in May but I think I look 40, not many wrinkles and I only have had one procedure...a bit of collagen around my eyes but that was years ago...I am also convinced that glass a champagne a day keeps the knife away.

These girls must have a secret and I want to know the doctor's name...

Now I'm not saying everyone looked good. Debra Messing's hair looked like she was trying to land a role in The Planet of the Apes and Kate Hudson was trying to hard to be a Harley chick,'re no Goldie Hawn, Kate, really but I did hear she can knock back a few tequila shooters so props to you for that Kate!!

There was one sagger and that was that one from 30 Rock, Jane ample gal for today's Hollywood but the gown she chose pulled on her boobs like they were sausages hanging in a butcher's window...

However, Sara Ramirez was stunning and a very curvey girl at that, I loved the color and though the fabric was dated I felt that the cut was perfect for her. She looks like a bad girl at the ball, my usual taste...

Finally, America Ferrera looked stunning even with those bodacious hips. I loved her muted color choice and the simple elegance of it all. America is Duckworthy and is awarded MargOH!'s first Duckworth Award for Best dressed gal at the SAGS. My first runner-up is Marion Cotillard who is just stunning and she also is getting a duckworth for her achievement.

In the end I chose Ashley Tisdale as the worst and I'm awarding her the first duckpoop award. She looks like she is going to be eaten by her own head. I hope someone See's this and puts her in a Sci-fi film or something....She's a wreck.

Until next time ducklings, MargOH!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Duck The Celebrity Sleaze-o-meter

Hey ducklings,

Take it from me I've been in this business long enough to know that a lot of celeb's are sleazy and especially lately.

My first Sleaze-O-meter profile is Amy Winehouse

Listen, I'm all for the partying lifestyle and hell I've lived it but this gal takes the cake for being a little over the top. Amy is not the first ducklings, believe me. I remember another singer/songwriter who was on the verge of super stardom but was too fucked up and incoherent to realize it, that was Rickie Lee Jones . Rickie had just released her first album and had a huge hit called "Chuckie's in Love" and she was ready for a huge breakout but she was on the booze and smack and actually arrived at her first Grammy awards totally in the bag. She was nominated for several awards and won for "Best New Artist" but fell up the stairs when she went to receive her award, how sad.

I just read that Ms. Winehouse was planning on still attending the Grammy's while she's going through detox. Do yourself and us a favor Amy and sit tight in that rehab and try and get that habit kicked. I mean really, a cat eye and an up do is not enough to keep you cool Amy.....Girl I know you've got talent but a talent for needles isn't needed unless you're sewing a fabulous frock. We all know you can sing your ass off so get back to basics and realize that rehab is the only answer, ask Rickie girl, she'll tell you....

The Sleaze-O-meter is a tool to rank Celebrities and other Pop Culture peeps when they are not living up to their full potential....

The meter works like this:A 1-5 ranking, one being the least Sleazy to 5 being the most Sleazy. If anyone scores a 5 this means that I feel there is no hope left and they pretty much are really sleazy and therefore should not be celebrated any longer.

I'm giving Amy Winehouse a 4 on the Sleaze-O-meter which is out of 5

A 4 ranking means that Amy has a glimmer of hope and may become less sleazy if she gets a new boyfriend, kicks her drug habit for at least for 6 months and washes her wigs more often.

I'm keeping tabs on you Amy....



That's Right Ducklings

Hey ducklings,

Welcome to my new blog where MargOH! will explore the crazy and zany world of Poop Culture...oops I meant Pop Culture.

I will talk to you about the state of Pop Culture as is happens and I know you'll want to tell me all about your views of celebrity and Pop Culture with loads of cheese please...

Stay tuned ducklings...that's right when you post to any of my blogs you become one of MargOH!'s ducklings...

duck it,